Homeland Hearth Menu & Concept

(ingredients subject to local availability; some creative changes may occur)

About the chefs & their culinary homeland

Neftali Duran (I-Collective)

Mr. Duran's work is informed by his own experience as a migrant worker and 18 years in the restaurant industry. He is interested in documenting the culinary traditions of the different regions of Oaxaca, Mexico as well as reclaiming the roots and culture of the original peoples of the Americas.

His course will be centered around Oaxacan cuisine.

Alex Kemper (Little Trúc)

Mr. Kemper is from New England but found himself early on eating the cuisines of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, and the Philippines. With Little Trúc, a food truck based out of Easthampton, MA, he and his partner, Katrina Pierson, have infused classic and familiar New England dishes with the flavors and approach of the Southeast Asian cuisine he so loves.

His course will display this marriage of New England and Southeast Asia.

Jesse Hassinger (Belly of the Beast)

Mr. Hassinger spent most of his summers in central Pennsylvania visiting his paternal grandmother where he developed a love for American Southern cuisine and has worked on following those Southern roots back through the Caribbean and Africa. Similarly he also follows his maternal ancestry to Jewish Russian heritage and also spends his time exploring that culinary history.

His course will join the cuisines of the Jewish and African diaspora.