Our 8 simple, but essential Mission Statements:

  1. Serving delicious, enticing food that people will want to eat daily.

  2. Creating a warm, welcoming space of genuine hospitality.

  3. Mindfully sourced ingredients that are local when possible.

  4. Utilizing every element of food and resources efficiently.

  5. Committed to reducing our carbon footprint and actively upcycling, composting, and recycling.

  6. Working with and giving back to our local community and non-profit partners.

  7. Building strong relationships with our staff, guests, vendors and community.

  8. Creating a work environment that is supportive and feeds positive well-being for all our staff.

Walking through the town of Northampton, the enticing smells of Belly of the Beast reach you before the storefront is in sight . . .  As you enter, the clean, bright, and welcoming dining area feels like where you want to be: enjoying a meal among friendly locals and visiting travelers of all ages and walks-of-life.


The daily menu is posted listing today’s variation on the mainstay favorites and specials for the day . . . there is something for everyone including house-smoked meat sandwiches, fresh salads, vegan soups, seasonal vegetable sides, pickles, refreshing housemade shrub seltzers, a warming cup of tea or local cider-ale.


You are greeted with a lovely smile by a knowledgeable staff person who helps answer any questions you may have as you place your order. Once you pay, you pick up your drink at the counter and you are given a tall sign holding a cheeky playing card as the signal to match your food order . . . You find a seat to relax at a clean, well-lit table and look around to see staff mindfully preparing your food at the sandwich station, beautiful black+white photography on the adjacent wall and white-washed brick walls behind you.


Your order is brought to you by a delightful person who describes your items including any allergy-awareness notes or variations requested when you placed your order . . . Your food looks as enticing as it sounded on the menu and as you tuck-in to your meal, the first bites give you a wholly-satisfying feeling that this is just where you want to be: eating nourishing, wonderful food in a charming community.